Expert- Investment Banking


Expert- Investment Banking

Deepak K. Nathwani has over 18 years of enviable experience in an impressive spectrum of involute business transactions and asset classes, having prosperously worked with sundry sizably voluminous size renowned infra and other companies in India, Japan, China, South Korea, Singapore, Europe, Latin America, Russia & Africa etc. His expertise in the areas of M&As, Raising domestic & cross border Debt & Equity capital, syndication, availing EPC & Infra, green energy , power and water transmissions, health and Pharma, Engineering, agriculture, food processing & FMCG companies to get the projects funded by Exim banks / ECAs, development finance institutions, private equity, venture capital , Sovereign Wealth funds , UN capital development fund and banks backed by indemnification cover / guarantees from World Bank arm ( MIGA ) etc against sovereign assurance is widely acknowledged among industry experts and across the corporate arena.

Deepak Nathwani has galvanized a core team of zealous professionals and led Silver Snow to efficaciously diversify into a smorgasbord of demanding services that are inclusive of but not limited to identifying key projects and developing effective bid strategies, establishing joint ventures with local companies, name lending, capital preservation, income maximization, providing solution on tax issues with the help of CPA, CA and law firms, drawing bespoke agreements to name a few.

Equipped with an exhaustive knowledge of the financial services industry, the macroeconomic environment and competitive landscape, a veteran’s experience in global procedures and processes, and a sharp roving eye for lucrative ventures, Deepak Nathwani has prompted the growth of innumerable business entities by charting anew their success stories and triggering their peak performance and profitability.

EPC + Pre-finance Projects

  • Assess bankability of project documents (project structure, project feasibility, etc.) with the consultation of renowned Engineering Consultants, PMC, I banker and bankers.
  • Formulate financing plans and financial models, Avail in financial term negotiations, preparation of PIM, cull of MLA etc.
  • Prepare an Information Memorandum providing detailed information of the transaction
  • Approach culled candidate banks to invite for participation and arrange lender group
  • Communicate with the borrower on behalf of participating lenders
  • Negotiate terms and conditions of financing documents
  • Draft and finalize financing documents through renowned law firm.

  • Getting INFRA / EPC projects under the buyers credit program from sundry countries
  • Exhorting on waiver program for particular projects from IMF / World bank in case regime of any countries are looking to raise commercial loan under the buyers credit program to execute the national priority projects. Generally, govt cannot take commercial loan if the concessional loan program is going on with IMF / world bank.
  • Assessing debt to GDP ratio of the countries within the inhibitions set by IMF to caution the Exim banks / commercial banks and infra companies to finance the projects
  • Negotiating sovereign guarantee with the finance and law ministry of some of the countries against buyers credit (commercial loan).
  • Get the draft term sheet from the banks on behalf of Infra companies.
  • Negotiating bank interest with the bankers on behalf of infra companies and indemnification premium with indemnification companies to provide indemnification cover for the projects.
  • Payment guarantee against loan / credit line for private infra and other companies to the lenders from govt of Africa by way of Zero coupon security bond. This is subject to the projects has been awarded by the regime to private companies / contractors and differed payment conditions Suggested by the govt to the private companies.
  • Providing ratings of the countries and eligibility criteria of loan / buyers credit and political risk insurance cover includes expropriation, breach of contract, restriction of currency convertibles & transfer ( repatriation), civil war, and unrest etc.

Every day, our success stories with partner clients are building up, but our enthusiasm to assist others like you remains constant and driven anew.

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